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With the continuous development of modern agriculture, the production mode of soilless cultivation is more and more widely used. Among them, hydroponics is the most important one. Followings are the hydroponics greenhouse project and its advantages.

1.The use of soilless cultivation methods in glass greenhouses and smart greenhouses will help plants grow rapidly and yield higher. For example, the yield of crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers will be more than double that of soil cultivation.

2.Avoid soil pollution and get clean, non-polluting, high-quality vegetables. Hydroponic fruits and vegetables have no organic fertilizer and the application of pesticides. Therefore, hydroponic cultivation in greenhouses can effectively avoid pollution of pesticides, fertilizers, pests and heavy metals.

3.It can save labor,water and fertilizer. It can reduce the labor intensity of soil cultivation, soil preparation, fertilization, cultivating and weeding by soil cultivation. Under the artificial control, through the scientific regulation of nutrient solution to ensure the adequate supply of nutrients and water, it can greatly avoid the leakage, loss, volatilization and evaporation of water and fertilizer in soil planting. The implementation of greenhouse hydroponic cultivation in arid regions can not only produce crops that cannot be grown in open farmland, but also save a lot of water resources.

4.Hydroponics greenhouse won’t be limited by local climate and other conditions. It can be used in areas where soil cultivation is completely impossible, such as in deserts, oil fields, sea shoals, and areas where soil is heavily polluted.

5.Greenhouse hydroponic cultivation can also adopt a three-dimensional cultivation method to maximize the use of land area and produce the highest economic benefits.

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