The construction of venlo glass greenhouse should pay attention to these points

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The construction of venlo glass greenhouse should pay attention to these points

The glass smart greenhouse is a relatively fixed cultivation facility for long-term use. Therefore, planning should be carried out before the construction of the greenhouse, especially the large and concentrated greenhouse construction base. According to the natural environmental conditions, the direction and layout of the greenhouses, roads, pools, ditches, houses and other facilities in the base should be scientifically and rationally Make overall arrangements to ensure the convenience of future production management and the effective use of land, laying the foundation for high production.

The construction of venlo glass greenhouse should pay attention to these points

We must pay attention to these key points in the environmental construction of venlo glass greenhouse

High light transmittance, uniform light

Due to the characteristics of the load-bearing structure, the roof of the venlo Glass Greenhouse uses high-transmittance glass as the lighting material. At the same time, the use of special aluminum profiles as roof beams greatly reduces the cross-sectional size of the roof beams, and at the same time increases the roof beams and connectors, reduces the power outage of the entire roof system, and greatly improves the light transmittance of the entire greenhouse. This Venlo-style glass greenhouse comes from all over Europe. This feature is well adapted to the low light in winter in Europe and has become an important factor in its widespread promotion and use. In addition, because the surface of the engine room adopts the same structure, the greenhouse light is more evenly distributed, which creates conditions for the uniform light of the crops, and is especially suitable for greenhouse seedlings and flower production with high light consistency requirements.

The greenhouse is well sealed

The venlo glass greenhouse adopts special aluminum alloy and matching rubber strips and injection molded parts as the glass greenhouse components, which greatly improves the sealing performance of the greenhouse.

Large ventilation area

Compared with other greenhouses of the same span, the venlo greenhouse has 2 to 4 pairs of roofs, that is, 2 to 4 pairs of crests and gutters. Therefore, the use of spaced windows can obtain the same ventilation volume as other greenhouses of the same span. Generally speaking, the ventilation of the greenhouse is about 10% of the ground area of the greenhouse.

High roof drainage efficiency

Since the glass greenhouse has 2 to 4 gutters per span, compared with other types of greenhouses of the same span, the water collection area of each gutter is reduced.

Flexible use

The application of truss roof joists enables the development of venlo glass greenhouses to have a greater use and flexibility. Since the height of the truss joists is 350~850mm, this creates a mechanism, curtain system, crop suspension control system and The installation work of some other equipment provides enough space and support for the installation of the network.