What are the characteristics of diffuse scattering glass

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What are the characteristics of diffuse scattering glass

The main function of diffuse scattering glass is to ensure uniform light inside the greenhouse, so that the roots of plants can also receive enough light to prevent gray mold from breeding, and it has a great effect on vertical growth of crops. Scattering glass with a certain haze can effectively prevent plants from producing light-inhibiting effects due to high temperature, and grow for 2-3 hours a day. What are the characteristics of diffuse scattering glass? Let us understand together.

What are the characteristics of diffuse scattering glass

1. High scattering without shadow

Sunlight passes through the glass and changes from direct light to scattered light, which can reduce the intensity of sunlight, reduce the light-inhibiting effect of plants, and make the room without shadows.

2. No Dettol, Strong Hydrophilicity

After anti-reflection treatment, the glass surface is hydrophilic. The mist will not form water droplets on the glass surface, but will spread on the glass surface, effectively preventing the droplets from damaging the seedlings and affecting the survival rate of the seedlings.

Three, high light transmission

Diffuse scattering glass undergoes anti-reflection technology to make the visible transmittance of the glass reach 97.5%, which is commonly around 91% and 95% in the market. The transmittance of Yuxin greenhouse glass can reach 97.5%, which greatly increases the greenhouse planting effect.

Fourth, long life

The common greenhouse diffuse scattering glass coating technology in the market can be roughly divided into: etching method, roller coating method and so on. Yuxin Greenhouse Glass’s exclusive etching technology has coating on the glass body, which makes the anti-reflection layer stronger and more resistant to mechanical forces. It has been used in the Netherlands for 15 years.

What are the characteristics of diffuse scattering glass

How to choose diffuse scattering glass manufacturers

Choosing a diffuse scattering glass manufacturer first depends on the company's production strength. It is best to choose a direct sales manufacturer, whose supply is guaranteed, after-sales service is perfect, and can provide a more complete test report. Secondly, it depends on the light transmittance of diffuse scattering glass in mass production. Most of the light transmittance on the market is around 91%, and large manufacturers can reach 97.5%. For greenhouse glass, the output can be increased by more than 20% per mu.

Finally, the user can visit the factory of the manufacturer to see the supplier's production and scientific research capabilities, and then decide whether to purchase the company's greenhouse glass.

The above is the relevant information of modern agricultural smart glass greenhouses for everyone. For more knowledge of glass greenhouses, please contact online customer service.