Why should agricultural glass greenhouses be ventilated

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Why should agricultural glass greenhouses be ventilated

The agricultural glass greenhouse has been equipped with a ventilation system since its construction. When the film greenhouse emerged, the ventilation method was to open the corner of the shed film for ventilation. Many thin-film greenhouses have continued to operate ventilation by manual methods. Unstable control of the internal environment of the greenhouse has caused the internal temperature of the greenhouse to fluctuate up and down, which affects the growth of crops and fruit setting.

Why should agricultural glass greenhouses be ventilated

Window on the top of the glass greenhouse

When the glass greenhouse is sealed, after a long period of time, the crops in the greenhouse consume a lot of carbon dioxide, the humidity inside the greenhouse increases, and the heat increases, causing the plant growth environment to shift. Just like when we are raising seedlings, when we find that there are more water droplets on the film in the seedling pond, we will open the seedling pond film for ventilation and cooling.

There are three purposes for glass greenhouse ventilation

1. Adjust the air composition to discharge harmful gases, such as ammonia, nitrous acid, toxic gases in fuel gas, and toxic gases released by other equipment.

2. Exhaust moisture and keep the relative humidity inside the glass greenhouse within the range suitable for plant growth.

3. The waste heat of the equipment is discharged to ensure that the environmental temperature of the glass greenhouse is kept within suitable for plant growth.

Greenhouse side wall ventilation-fan

Why should agricultural glass greenhouses be ventilated

Ventilation method of glass greenhouse

1. Natural ventilation. Set windows inside the greenhouse to ventilate by internal and external heat pressure and wind pressure, and adjust the amount of ventilation by adjusting the opening of the window.

2. Mechanical ventilation, relying on the power ventilation generated by the fan installed inside the greenhouse, controls the air volume more finely.

At present, the equipment in the greenhouse is equipped with skylights and fans, which greatly increases the ventilation efficiency and the accuracy of the ventilation air volume.

Glass greenhouses use mechanical window opening methods, which are similar to the rack window opening methods used in plastic greenhouses. The difference is the size of the motor load. The installation of window system motors in glass greenhouses will consume more than plastic greenhouses, and the operating cost will be higher. .

Why should agricultural glass greenhouses be ventilated

The current market reference price of the rack window system is $70 (for reference only)