What are the advantages of anti-reflective glass for glass greenhouses

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What are the advantages of anti-reflective glass for glass greenhouses

More and more Dutch venlo agricultural and horticultural glass greenhouses are being built all over the world. When choosing the covering material glass, the owners don’t know whether to choose anti-reflective glass or ordinary float glass. Let’s understand how anti-reflective glass is relative to ordinary float glass. What is the difference.

anti-reflective glass for glass greenhouses

The special flower design and anti-reflection technology on the surface of the anti-reflective glass can maximize the conversion of sunlight into scattered light into the greenhouse, improve the photosynthesis of crops, and increase the productivity of crops. When choosing greenhouse glass, the owner should choose anti-reflection glass with appropriate haze according to the local climate conditions and crops.

anti-reflective glass for glass greenhouses

The advantages of anti-reflection and high light transmission glass over other ordinary float glass mainly include the following aspects:

High light transmittance: The visible light transmittance of the glass is increased from 91.7% to 97.5% through the anti-reflection technology. Compared with the glass without anti-reflection treatment, about 12% more sunlight can enter the greenhouse throughout the day;

High scattering: The sunlight passes through the glass and changes from direct light to scattered light, which can reduce the intensity of sunlight and reduce the photo-inhibition effect of plants; make the greenhouse without shadows; reduce the secretion of abscisic acid from plants and prolong the picking period of plants; Increase production by 10%

No dripping, no condensation: the surface of the glass is hydrophilic after anti-reflection treatment; the condensed water is a water film on the inner surface of the glass, which affects the light transmittance of the glass to the minimum;

High safety: tempered glass;

Long life: The anti-reflection layer on the glass surface is the glass body, and the anti-reflection layer is firm.