Characteristics of tempered diffuse glass in greenhouse

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Characteristics of tempered diffuse glass in greenhouse

Tempered diffuse glass is a top covering material used in high-end greenhouses in the world. The global solar radiation value fluctuates greatly, and the temperature is not easy to control. After the tempered diffuse glass is processed, the sunlight becomes soft light, and the temperature is within a controllable range. It is more conducive to crop growth.

tempered diffuse glass in greenhouse

Greenhouse glass diffuse principle through the special flower design on the glass surface, it can maximize the sunlight into the scattered light into the greenhouse, improve crop photosynthesis and increase crop production capacity.

tempered diffuse glass in greenhouse

Illumination principle of tempered diffuse glass

Greenhouse glass features high diffuse and no shadows

The toughened diffuser glass turns the hard light of the sun into soft light, effectively reducing plant light inhibition, reducing shadow occlusion, making the sun softer and more evenly distributed.

tempered diffuse glass in greenhouse

Comparison of float glass and tempered diffuse glass

High light transmittance up to 97.5%

Through anti-reflection technology, the light transmission of the glass reaches 97.5%. Compared with the float glass without anti-reflection treatment, about 10% more sunlight can enter the greenhouse throughout the day, which means more sunlight and more output.

tempered diffuse glass in greenhouse

Comparison of light transmittance between ordinary glass and tempered and diffused glass


No dew will form on the glass on the top of the greenhouse, and the water will spread on the glass surface, and will not form water droplets on the glass surface and damage the plant seedlings. The water droplets on the surface of the tempered and scattered glass will spread and evaporate on the surface of the glass without secondary diffuse.

High safety, all toughened

Fully toughened glass, after destructive test, the grain size of 5cm×5cm toughened glass is between 40-120.

Long life and durability

A layer of 100 nanometer thick porous silica structure is formed on the glass surface by etching technology. This surface structure is not a coating of foreign substances, but the glass body. The structure of the anti-reflection layer is very stable, so it has the stability that other anti-reflection technologies cannot match. Sex and superiority.