What are the common system configurations of glass greenhouses

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What are the common system configurations of glass greenhouses

Glass greenhouse refers to a greenhouse that uses glass as a lighting material. It is a type of greenhouse. In cultivation facilities, glass greenhouses are the longest service life and are suitable for use in various regions and various climatic conditions. The industry is divided into different construction models based on the size of the span and the bay, and divided into different use methods: vegetable glass greenhouse, flower glass greenhouse, seedling glass greenhouse, ecological glass greenhouse, scientific research glass greenhouse, three-dimensional glass greenhouse, special-shaped glass greenhouse Glass greenhouses, leisure glass greenhouses, smart glass greenhouses, etc. Among them, the glass greenhouse is called the intelligent greenhouse because of the collaborative work of its supporting systems. Today, let me know what are the common system configurations of the glass greenhouse.


External shading system

A movable shading material fixed on the top of the greenhouse. The external shading system can well block the light outside the greenhouse and play a role in shading and cooling. It is also possible to control the external shading according to specific needs and adjust the amount of sunlight entering the greenhouse to achieve the purpose of controlling the light and temperature. The use of strong external shading can also achieve the effect of preventing hail.

Internal shading system

The sunshade in the greenhouse is a kind of sunshade net installed on the internal truss beam which can be electrically controlled. Its main function is to scatter light and prevent direct sunlight from entering the greenhouse to burn the young seedlings. At the same time, it shields the excess sun panels from entering the shed. Cooling effect. At the same time, at night in winter, closing the inner shading net also plays a certain role in heat preservation.

Top window system

Rectangular windows are distributed on both sides of the spire of the greenhouse. The size of the solar panel greenhouse is 4m*1m, the size of the glass greenhouse is 2m*1m, and the top window driving system is driven by gear and rack. The function is to naturally ventilate and reduce the temperature in the shed. And humidity.

Fan water curtain cooling system

The fan water curtain cooling system is in a confined space (the word confinement is to be considered). The fan rotates to extract the air inside the greenhouse and exhaust it to the outside. A negative pressure is formed inside the greenhouse, and the air enters the greenhouse after cooling by the water curtain. Therefore, the greenhouse must form a closed space to achieve a good cooling effect.

Heating system

In winter in some areas, when the temperature in the shed at night is lower than the optimal growth temperature for plant growth, it is necessary to use heating equipment to heat the inside of the greenhouse.

Collection trough system

The system is parallel to the lower part of the gutter, and a wide thin flat water tank is added to collect the dew that flows from the top to the bottom of the water tank.

Water curtain overturning window system

It is an electric window that is installed outside the water curtain. Because the water curtain is hollow, it mainly plays a role of heat preservation.

Fill light system

For continuous rainy days or in areas where the light itself is insufficient, the yield and quality are increased.

Planting system

Including the internal soilless culture and water-fertilizer integrated system, the currently commonly used soilless cultivation includes coconut kang planting and rock wool planting. , The foundation of soilless cultivation is all aseptic processing, which can isolate soil-borne diseases and the problem of soil re-stubble, and does not use pesticides to treat the soil.

IoT control system

Real-time acquisition of various parameters through the interior of the greenhouse, and adjustment of the supporting system of the greenhouse through parameter comparison, so that the greenhouse is the core of the greenhouse in the optimal growth range of plants.