• The starting point of the design is different The design of the Dutch venlo glass greenhouse will be based on the needs ···
    2021-04-01 05:55:59
  • Smart glass greenhouses are becoming more and more common, and there are many selective problems when buying glass. Don&···
    2021-03-31 03:11:27
  • When the first glass-covered greenhouse in the Netherlands appeared in 1850, greenhouse cultivation methods were continu···
    2021-03-30 21:23:45
  • There are three main types of covering materials for greenhouses, namely film, glass, and solar panels. Greenhouse Cover···
    2021-03-30 05:38:55
  • The development speed of modern agriculture continues to increase, from simple and traditional civil greenhouses to glas···
    2021-03-29 09:24:06
  • The patterned glass greenhouse is a kind of greenhouse that uses glass as the covering material. This kind of greenhouse···
    2021-03-29 03:27:43
  • The aim of using diffuse glass in a greenhouse is to produce more scattered light which can then penetrate deeper into t···
    2021-03-28 05:01:43
  • The advantages of diffuse light in horticultural production have been long debated, and there’s now increasing evidence···
    2021-03-27 20:49:33
  • In the case of rising temperatures in summer, how to properly cool the Venlo glass greenhouse is an important task of da···
    2021-03-27 03:40:45
  • The main function of diffuse scattering glass is to ensure uniform light inside the greenhouse, so that the roots of pla···
    2021-03-26 21:38:08