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Every greenhouse agricultural product grower wants to get the maximum yield, which is affected by the region, environment and light. Henan Yuhua New Material Co., Ltd. can help you. We provide a variety of high-quality greenhouse glass, including diffuser glass and super clear glass. In order to further improve the light transmittance, Yuhua used etching technology to form a porous and dense silica structure on the glass surface, thereby changing the optical properties of the glass surface, thereby reducing the solar reflectance on the glass surface and increasing the light transmittance. Yuhua greenhouse glass has been strengthened, and its light transmittance can reach more than 97.5%.

Each crop has different requirements for light. We can solve it together with you. Through the ideal combination of light distribution (haze coefficient) and light transmittance, the crops in the greenhouse can obtain the most suitable light for growth and further increase the yield.

Henan Yuhua New Material Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of China’s horticultural greenhouse glass research and development. It specializes in the sales, wholesale and retail, commodity import and export, import and export technology of greenhouse glass, and mainly produces high-diffusion and radiation-resistant products. -Reflective glass with a haze of 5/10/20/30/40/50/70/75, the light transmittance can reach 97.5% or more.

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