Haisheng Group Baiyin smart greenhouse project

Haisheng Group Baiyin smart greenhouse project

Haisheng Group's Silver Glass Greenhouse Project will build an intelligent high-end glass greenhouse cultivation base, introduce the world's most advanced technology, and realize the localization of technology. In addition, the project will establish a whole industrial chain structure of sorting, packaging, low-temperature storage and cold chain transportation to meet the needs of modern agricultural development, realize harmless agricultural production, and promote the transformation of extensive agriculture to intensive and efficient agriculture. It is estimated that the annual production of tomatoes is 1,500 tons, the annual output value is 150 million yuan, the annual profit is 56 million yuan, and the annual tax increase is 3 million yuan. At the same time, it can solve the employment problem of surrounding people.

Project Name: Haisheng Group Silver Glass Greenhouse Project

Construction time: 2020

Glass area: 100,000 square meters

Planting species: Tomatoes

Covering material: Fragrant pear tempered glass