Smart Glass Greenhouse Project in Sanya Phoenix Valley Rural Cultural Tourism Cultural District

Smart Glass Greenhouse Project in Sanya Phoenix Valley Rural Cultural Tourism Cultural District

Project Name: Smart Glass Greenhouse Project in Sanya Phoenix Valley Rural Cultural Tourism Cultural District

Glass area: 10,000 square meters

Planting species: Flowers

Covering material: Fragrant pear tempered scattering glass

The overall planning of the Sanya Phoenix Valley Rural Eco-cultural Tourism Zone is 45,000 mu. It is located in the South Island area of Sanya Licai Farm, about 14 kilometers away from Sanya City. The area is rich in rubber forests, canyons, hot springs, pastoral, reservoirs and tropical rain forests. With its natural resources, farming culture and Li-Miao customs, it is an excellent place to develop ecological agriculture and rural leisure tourism. At present, the park is actively planning and constructing projects with broad development prospects such as Lanhai Fairy Valley, Dadiou Rainforest Grand Canyon, Haiying Hot Spring, etc.

1. Lanhai Fairy Valley Project: It is planned to use more than 4000 acres of land. It will build the world's largest orchid production and sales distribution center, and build a national 5A-level tourist attraction integrating orchid production, sales, scientific research and sightseeing. It will bid for the 2022 world Flower gardening fair.

2. Dadio Rainforest Grand Canyon Project: planning land of 5,654.16 acres, based on exploring the tourism value of tropical rainforest and rural reconstruction, through the development and transformation of "different valleys, Yiying, and art towns", creating rainforest sightseeing, rainforest exploration, An outdoor wild experience park integrating a field camp and an art town.

3. Haiying Hot Spring Project. The planned land area is 279.69 acres, with Haiying Reservoir as the landscape background, and the new utilization of the abandoned rubber factory as the idea, to drive local residents to get rich on the spot, build a beautiful new countryside, and create a hot spring health resort reception center with hot spring resort hotels as the core.

4. Tropical Agriculture Expo Park (Pastoral Happy Valley) Project: The planned land area is 2914.79 mu, based on the vast rubber forest, rice sea, and original tropical landscape farm, to create a modern agricultural expo, agricultural theme park, and folk customs experience. The Hainan Countryside Leisure Holiday Park integrates health and vacation.

5. South Island Wild Luxury World Project: The planned land area is 3427.14 acres, which closely integrates the natural environment with outdoor leisure tourism, and builds high-quality outdoor RVs and tents and other original ecological holiday bases based on the primitive rain forest environment.

6. Beishan Ecological Tourism Project: The starting area is planned to use 1,097 acres of land, with mountains, water, fields, and forests as elements, to develop a comprehensive ecological agricultural tourism project integrating leisure, modern agriculture, sightseeing and outdoor experience. The planning content includes ecological forest breeding area, Li and Miao cultural experience area, landscape leisure experience area, ecological agriculture exhibition area, entrance service area and basic supporting projects.

7. Phoenix Flower and Fruit World Project: The planned land area is 15,116.54 acres, the original rubber forest is used for planning and replanting, and the best tropical flower and fruit project at home and abroad is introduced to form a flower and fruit planting-picking-processing-packaging-sales of tourist commodity industry chain . At the same time, it is combined with tourism to provide the park with fresh flower and fruit products and tourists' planting and picking experience.

8. Beautiful Countryside (Production Team) Project: Based on the living and living environment of the production team in the South Island area of Licai Farm, the concept of tourism is introduced, and the production team is classified and transformed into a homestay with military reclamation characteristics, Li and Miao characteristics and local characteristics.

9. South Island Tianchi Agricultural Comprehensive Park Project: The planned land area is 1,237 acres, which will build an agricultural comprehensive park integrating agricultural planting, under-forest breeding, freshwater aquaculture, agricultural (aquatic) product processing, technology promotion, and agricultural sightseeing.

Haiken Holding Group will use the park as a carrier to vigorously build an ecological agricultural sightseeing planting base integrating R&D, planting, promotion, and leisure and sightseeing, and strive to create a national 5A-level rural ecological cultural tourist attraction.