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Lately, an increase in the use of diffuse light is seen in the agricultural sector. It has a positive effect on many crops, such as better diffusion of light, better reach of the light, less stress to the crop and a lower temperature within the crop. Diffuse light is light which is scattered from and to all directions, to make sure no harsh shadows are there. This has a positive influence on the crop. Especially large/ tall crops with large leaves profit from diffuse light, because the vertical diffusion of light is strongly improved. Like this, the leaves at the bottom of the crop also receive direct light. When these leaves get more light, more photosynthesis is done leading to growth of the crop. Besides, many crops have a better ability to make use of diffuse light than normal light.

The effect of diffused glass is: create diffuse light in the greenhouse with a low to a high degree of diffusion.This may help decrease the light stress to the crop and decrease the temperature on the leaves surface. Better diffusion of the light may also help increase the yield of the crop.According to the conclusion of the experiment of WUR, 1% more light may increase 1% higher yield, and most of our customers may increase 20% profit every year.

We mainly manufacture diffuse glass and diffuse glass with anti-reflective technology. We supply diffuse glass at haze 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 70%, 75%. More detailed information and quotation, please consult our online customer service,or leave us a message!

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