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Experienced growers are familiar with the term “haze”. In horticulture, it is a term,” haze meter” (“haze”), to describe how much the incoming sunlight is scattered by the cladding materials such as polycarbonate, diffuse glass, coating, screen and so on.

That percentage of light that when passing through that deviates from the incident beam by greater than 2.5 degrees on average is defined as haze.

Why growers pay attention to this factor? When the sunlight in greenhouses is sufficient for photosynthesis of the crops, it is a further yield boosting solution that reducing the shadows and making more leaves participate into the photosynthesis. A scattered light is perfect for this job. However, they realize that the incident light is unchanged, the more diffused light is there, the less direct light will it be. So, combing the location condition, a proper haze should be chosen.

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