The main factors affecting vegetable planting in glass greenhouses

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The main factors affecting vegetable planting in glass greenhouses

Introduction to Glass Greenhouse

A glass greenhouse is actually a greenhouse that uses glass as the main lighting material. It belongs to one of the greenhouses. In addition, in all cultivation facilities, glass greenhouses are usually a form that can maintain the longest service life. For this reason, it is often more suitable for use in a variety of different regions and climatic conditions.

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The main factors affecting vegetable planting

When planting plants on weekdays, we need to consciously choose their living environment according to their specific conditions. Because different plants have different requirements for the living environment, a variety of factors need to be considered in the process of planting.

diffused glass greenhouses


The demand of plants for the temperature of the external environment is mainly based on the changes of the seasons. Each plant must survive in a suitable temperature environment. When plants live in an environment that is not a greenhouse, there are some plants that need to be planted accurately according to the temperature changes in the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter.


In fact, water is not only a necessity for the human body. As far as the growth and development of plants is concerned, proper watering has a positive effect on them. However, you should always pay attention during the watering process, and the amount of water should not be too much, otherwise it will easily cause the death of the plants.


When planting vegetables or other plants, once the planting range is relatively wide, there will be scenes of overgrown weeds. This requires us to actively eradicate weeds on a regular basis to prevent the weeds from competing with the plants to absorb nutrients during the growth and development process.


Under normal circumstances, when planting flowers, it is rare to incur bugs. But when other vegetables and fruit trees are planted, insects that always damage the vegetables or fruits will frequently appear. In this case, pesticides or artificial intervention are basically used to completely remove the insects.

Growing vegetables through hydroponics in glass greenhouses has gradually become the general trend, and the adjustment of vegetable planting structure is also an inevitable demand for the rapid development of the market, and is an effective way to maximize benefits.