Diffuse Glass 10 Haze (2 sides AR optional)

Our low haze diffuse glass could maximize both perpendicular and hemispherical LT, ensuring enough light passing especially for those high light crops growing in the area with limited sunlight conditions. 

The pattern on the glass surface could scatter the sunlight to cover the greenhouse more evenly. This light distribution could improve the photosynthesis of middle and lower leaves to increase yield. 

Besides, two sides AR Etching treatment is optional to get higher light transmittance at 97.5% and above.

Diffuse Glass 10 Haze (2 sides AR optional)

SpecificationsDiffuse Glass 10 HazeDiffuse Glass 10 Haze with 2×AR
Length/Width Tolerance±1.0mm±1.0mm
Diagonal Tolerance±3.0mm±3.0mm
DimensionMax. 2500mm X 1600mmMax. 2500mm X 1600mm
Perpendicular LT(±1%)91.50%98.50%
Hemispherical LT(±1%)82.50%90.00%
Iron ContentFe2+≤120 ppmFe2+≤120 ppm
Local Bow≤2‰(Max 0.6mm over a 300mm distance)≤2‰(Max 0.6mm over a 300mm distance)
Overall Bow≤3‰(Max 3mm over a 1000mm distance)≤3‰(Max 3mm over a 1000mm distance)
Mechanical Strength>120N/mm2>120N/mm2
Spontaneous Breakage<300 ppm<300 ppm
Fragments StatusMin. 60 particles within 50mm×50mm;
Length of longest particle<75mm
Min. 60 particles within 50mm×50mm;
Length of longest particle<75mm
Thermal ResistanceUp to 250° CelsiusUp to 250° Celsius


Highest Light Transmittance

1. With low-iron base (<120ppmFe2O) and leading etching AR technology, our glass has the highest light transmission standard in the world: For diffuse glass: ≥91.5±0.5%; For diffuse glass without 2×AR: ≥97.5±0.5%, 98.5% in average

2. Especially for the LT of Blue Light(400-480nm) and Red Light(630-680nm) which are most important for the photosynthesis, our glass performs 3% and 1% higher than competitors correspondingly.

Light Scattering

1. With the special pattern, our glass can scatter the light to cover the greenhouse evenly to increase the yield.

2. It also helps to reduce the high temperature on top of crops during hot seasons in case of burning, wilting...

Long shelf life

With leading Etching AR technology, our glass create the AR layer on the glass body itself, which lead to a long shelf life of the glass: ≤1% LT decrease within 10 years under right application and cleaning. 

High Safety

We executive a higher tempering standard than EU and Chinese National level. So the glass is not easily broken, and even broken the fragments is small enough to avoid harm to human and crops.