What to do if the greenhouse glass is broken during transportation?

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What to do if the greenhouse glass is broken during transportation?

As buyers, once we place an order and the goods are shipped, we are often particularly worried about the safety of the goods if the road conditions are complicated. As greenhouse scattering glass is a fragile product, our worries will be even higher. So, when our goods are damaged or have a traffic accident during transportation, what should we do and who should we contact immediately?

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First of all, if the greenhouse glass is damaged or shattered during transportation, there are two main situations depending on where the goods are broken.


The first situation is that the factory is responsible for transportation. At this time, as the buyer, the first thing we need to ensure is the normal operation of our project and that site operations can continue. Our first reaction should be to ask the factory to arrange additional vehicles to send new goods as soon as possible.


At this time, we dont need to consider issues such as the vehicle involved in the accident or damage to the goods. Generally, when factories ship goods, they have signed cargo insurance, and Party A is not responsible for issues such as compensation for the goods. We just need the factory to be responsible for our projects.


The second situation is that our goods arrived at the construction site, but found that they were damaged during transportation, and there was a certain amount.


In this case, we need to take pictures as soon as possible to collect evidence. If we can take pictures in the car, we can take pictures in the car. If we can't take pictures in the car, we should take pictures after unloading the goods. Count the crushing quantity, prepare a list of product specifications, ask the driver to sign, and then send it directly to the factory. After receiving the information of transportation damage, the factory will make up the quantity of the transportation damage products to the buyer after the shipment is completed.


Be sure to count the crushing quantity and crushing specifications as soon as you unload the goods, and do it under the witness of the driver.

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In addition, there should be a special situation. Due to the difficulty and long time of car distribution at the factory, our buyer wants to find a car for transportation by himself. So the difference between finding a car yourself and finding a car from a factory is that the buyer is responsible for any damage on the road.


Therefore, after Party A hands over the goods to the transportation company, Party A must fully insure the goods with Party B as the insured and beneficiary based on the actual value of the goods, or pay a premium and have Party B purchase the insurance on its behalf, otherwise the goods will be damaged during transportation. , lost, Party A agrees that Party B will compensate 1-3% of the compensation limit for non-insured express mail stipulated in Article 424 of the "Domestic Mail Handling Rules". Protect our rights and interests to the greatest extent.


The suggestion given by the factory is to let the factory find the car as much as possible. The first factory delivers goods all year round and has a thorough understanding of the transportation prices of goods. Second, the transportation of goods is guaranteed, and the buyer does not need to bear any responsibility for damage to the goods. Third, it is easier to find trucks for small batches of goods, and it is easier for factories to find trucks.


Finally, a summary:


How to deal with scattered glass that is broken during transportation


1. Prioritize ensuring normal supply


2. Take photos in time to keep the certificate and ask for replacement photos


3. Sign an insurance agreement and not be afraid of subsequent liability sharing