Parts of yuhua greenhouse glass projects

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Parts of yuhua greenhouse glass projects

Yuhua has cooperated with Havecon, Van Der Hoeven, KUBO, BOM, Prins, Gakon, Certhon, Bosman and Pomas etc. large greenhouse project company for many years in agricultural and horticultural glass greenhouses.We have supplied tempered diffuse and anti-reflective glass for many projects in Canada, Netherlands,Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kazakhstan, Australia, USA, England, Russia,etc.

In domestic market, we supplied greenhouse glass for many government project, large construction project and design company, such as Evergrande High-Tech Agricultural Group,Lanzhou New District, Jingpeng Company,Haisheng,etc.

Followings are some of the greenhouse project in lately years:

ContinentCountryProject NameYearAreaCropsGlass Type
ASIAChinaEvergrande Wuhan201934 haTomato, Cucumber,   LettuceDiffused glass
ChinaLanzhou Project202036 haFlowersDiffused glass
ChinaHaisheng Zhangye II202020 haTomatoDiffused glass
ChinaHaisheng Dongtai201910 haTomatoDiffused glass
KazakhstanGreenhouse KZ201924 haTomatoDiffused glass
JapanSARA20171.8 haTomatoDiffused glass
EUNetherlandsCombivliet F4-F72016-201948 haTomatoDiffused glass with   2AR
NetherlandsAgrocare2013-201837 haTomatoDiffused glass with   2AR
NetherlandsHoogweg Marknesse2017-201826 haPaprikaDiffused glass with   2AR
Netherlands4evergreen2016-202048 haPaprikaDiffused glass with   2AR
NetherlandsRoyal Pride2017-201816 haTomatoDiffused glass with   2AR
North AmericaCanadaPure Flavor Farms201711 haTomatoDiffused glass
CanadaDouble Dimonds Farms201814 haTomato, Paprika,   LettuceDiffused glass
CanadaHacienda North Farms201817 haPaprikaDiffused glass
CanadaPomas Farms201617 haPaprikaDiffused glass
CanadaDoef's Greenhouses20206 haCucumberDiffused glass with   2AR
CanadaHydropothecary20191.8 haCannabisDiffused glass
CanadaMedisun Inc20194.4 haCannabisDiffused glass
USAMucci Farms2017&202024 haTomatoDiffused glass
USAIntergrow201710 haTomatoDiffused glass with   2AR
MexicoSolar Garden20155 haTomatoDiffused glass with   2AR
AustraliaAustraliaKatunga20196 haTomatoDiffused glass with   2AR
AustraliaCosta201912 haTomatoDiffused glass with   2AR
AustraliaFlavorite20174.5 haTomatoDiffused glass with   2AR
New ZealandSouthern Paprika20195 haPaprikaDiffused glass with   2AR
Mid-EastUAEPure Harvest20204.7 haTomato & LettuceDiffused glass
AfricaTunisiaDesert Joy F1-F42017-202020 haTomatoDiffused glass
EgptyAlghanim farms20202.4 haLettuceDiffused glass