What problems should be paid attention to in the construction of smart glass multi-span greenhouse

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What problems should be paid attention to in the construction of smart glass multi-span greenhouse

Glass multi-span greenhouses can be used as planting greenhouses, breeding greenhouses, exhibition greenhouses, experimental greenhouses, drinking greenhouses, entertainment greenhouses, etc. The greenhouse system design includes heating systems, heat preservation systems, cooling systems, ventilation systems, control systems, irrigation systems, etc., glass multi-span greenhouses mainly include the main body of the foundation of civil engineering Hot-dip galvanized steel frame, external sunshade, hot-dip galvanized steel frame covering material, external sunshade system, internal heat preservation system, wet curtain fan cooling system, spray system on the top and surrounding roll film window system. Intelligent systems such as power distribution system drainage system. In the basic design of the glass greenhouse, in addition to meeting the strength requirements, it also has sufficient stability and the function of transmitting horizontal force. At present, the steel structure design of Chinese glass greenhouses mainly refers to the greenhouse design specifications of the Netherlands, Japan, the United States and other places. However, structural strength integrity and durability need to be considered in the design.


For technical control, some designers in the project team, before each project starts, the greenhouse project manager conducts detailed project training to the engineering and technical personnel, and takes out the difficult points of the project for discussion, and prepares the areas that are prone to errors in advance Take precautions so that engineers and technicians know well before the project starts, and implement the project according to the predetermined plan and steps after the project starts, effectively avoiding errors in the construction process and ensuring the quality of the entire project.

The main load-bearing structure of the multi-span plastic greenhouse with a better overall gutter structure adopts hot-dip galvanized tube sheets. Since the gutter in the main structure has multiple functions and functions such as supporting and fixing the main frame, increasing longitudinal rigidity, drainage and repairing the walkway, if the gutter is improperly maintained or long-term accumulation of water, it is easy to rust and deform and affect the service life.


The multi-span greenhouse film has good light transmittance, moderate thickness, and appropriate length and width. Only in this way can it adapt to the growth of greenhouse crops. In addition, we also need to correctly cover the multi-span greenhouse to make the greenhouse film work. The plastic film should be installed in time when sowing. Cover the film. In the morning or evening, when the temperature is low and there is no strong wind, the film should be stretched evenly to the circumference to prevent horizontal wrinkles (easy to drip).

The research and development of new front roof insulation materials mainly focuses on the requirements of easy mechanized operation, cheap price, light weight, aging resistance and waterproofing. The solar greenhouse is mainly composed of three parts: the rear roof and the front roof of the enclosure wall, referred to as the “three elements” of the solar greenhouse. The front roof is the daylighting surface of the greenhouse. The roof is only covered with plastic film for daylighting. When the outdoor light is weakened At the time, use the active insulation to be covered with plastic film in time to strengthen the insulation of the greenhouse.

Smart greenhouse is an agricultural industry with modern scientific and technological achievements. The close integration of agricultural production with modern technology not only increases the efficiency of agricultural production, but also promotes the green development of the agricultural industry. Compared with manual control, the advantage of intelligent control is that it can control the environment inside the greenhouse relatively constant. For plants with higher environmental requirements, it can better avoid production losses due to human factors. Smart greenhouses can adjust and control various data indicators in the greenhouse in a timely manner through timely detection and monitoring, which is a relatively good measure for agricultural production.

The agro-ecological catering complex in the form of a glass ecological restaurant can increase the internal and external sunshade system, natural ventilation system, and forced ventilation ventilation system through the above-mentioned control system internal environment. Roof dew and mist system, internal thermal insulation system, heating system, etc. Among them, the glass ecological restaurant can be controlled at about 27 degrees Celsius, which is more suitable for people’s activities.