Precautions for the design and construction of the Dutch venlo glass greenhouse

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Precautions for the design and construction of the Dutch venlo glass greenhouse

The starting point of the design is different

The design of the Dutch venlo glass greenhouse will be based on the needs of the growers for planting crops to design the greenhouse frame, the shading rate of the shading system, and the span of the greenhouse will be consistent with the spacing of the planting troughs. Generally, it is only suitable for a single crop. High-yield. For example, the current case of the Dutch venlo glass greenhouse is mainly tomato planting, and various planting factors will be based on the growth needs of tomatoes.

design and construction of the Dutch venlo glass greenhouse

At present, many glass greenhouses are constructed mainly in the form of visits and displays. Some vegetable soilless cultivation glass greenhouses do not have specific varieties and specifications for crops. The design of glass greenhouses is mostly based on extensive applications and cannot highlight the right The degree of environmental control of a certain crop.

design and construction of the Dutch venlo glass greenhouse

Supporting system and method of use

The standard configuration of the glass greenhouse is generally the external shading system, the internal shading system, the internal thermal insulation curtain system (in cold areas), the top opening system (usually staggered opening), and the fan and water curtain cooling system.

Planting glass greenhouses: The design of planting glass greenhouses first considers its cost economy, practicability of crop production, and heat preservation.

Eco-restaurant glass greenhouse: The eco-restaurant is a fully transparent glass building that uses a large-span, large-open glass greenhouse building as a dining place. The first consideration in the design of the ecological restaurant glass greenhouse is large span, large bay, aesthetics and ergonomics.

The difference in size between the two: the planting glass greenhouse generally uses a span of 9.6 meters or 12 meters, the opening is generally 4 meters, and the column height is generally about 4 meters; the ecological restaurant glass greenhouse generally has a span of 12 meters, and individual is 16 meters. The bay is generally 8 meters, and the height of the column is generally 6 to 8 meters.

The difference in steel structure between the two: the frame material used for planting glass greenhouses is generally slightly smaller, while the frame material of ecological restaurant glass greenhouses is generally designed with a slightly larger steel frame due to its safety.

The difference between the two covering materials: the planting greenhouse is generally surrounded by 4+9+4 double-layer hollow float glass, and the top is 8mm sun board or 5mm tempered glass. The eco-restaurant glass greenhouse is generally surrounded by 5+9+5 double-layer hollow tempered glass, and the top is mostly 8mm hollow sun panels. Eco-restaurants mostly consider safety.

Precautions for the construction of all-glass greenhouses with good light transmittance

The water tank of the framework of the all-glass greenhouse must be 2.5mm or more, because the weight of 5mm tempered glass is 12.5kg/square meter, and the load capacity. If the sink is too thin, it will cause distortion of the sink and affect the flatness of the glass installation.

When designing the size of the glass around the glass greenhouse, try to design the same size, so when ordering colored glass as much as possible, because the order of colored glass is much slower than that of transparent colored glass, do not affect the construction period because of the glass.

The sealing problem at the top of the glass greenhouse, as the width of the glass size has become 1 meter or 0.8 meters, which is twice the width of the solar panel of 2 meters, so the area that needs to be sealed with glue has doubled. If the construction is done in winter, the temperature is too low and the glue can only be applied at noon, which will affect the progress of the project. Therefore, the hydraulic construction period of the glass greenhouse needs to be slightly longer than the construction period of the conventional greenhouse.