Complete design and construction plan of venlo smart glass greenhouse

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Complete design and construction plan of venlo smart glass greenhouse

Complete design and construction plan of venlo smart glass greenhouse

The glass greenhouse is a relatively advanced greenhouse in the greenhouse industry, so its construction standards are very strict. While building glass greenhouses, we must fully consider the purpose and scale of greenhouse construction. In general, in order to ensure the quality of the glass greenhouse construction, a strict construction index control system was formulated at the beginning of the greenhouse construction. The use of materials and construction plans must meet the standards. Let's see what the construction plan of the glass greenhouse is.

Complete design and construction plan of venlo smart glass greenhouse

Construction plan of venlo glass intelligent greenhouse

1. Do a good job of investigation and research: collect the required site topography, geology, hydrology, water supply, power supply, house traffic around the site, obstacles on the site and other technical information, understand and master the building material resources, which is conducive to supply and market Conditions provide reliable information and basis for the formulation of industry organizations.

2. Familiar with engineering construction drawings: review whether the construction drawings and information are complete, whether there are any contradictions and errors between the drawings themselves and their mutual development, master the content of teaching design and research and technical and economic conditions, and review whether there are obstacles in buildings and underground structures.

3. Organizing equipment and materials to enter the site: According to the flower greenhouse construction plan, organize and arrange materials and personnel to enter the site.

4. Set up temporary facilities: in accordance with the land plan and temporary facilities planning for the construction of smart glass greenhouses.

5. Temporary water use plan: The calculation of temporary water use should include three aspects: daily water during construction, construction water according to project progress, construction and fire fighting water.

6. Master the drawing coordinates: According to the drawing coordinates and the red line given in the plan, do a good job of lofting, and set up control stakes and elevation control points.

7. Construction water: construction water, domestic water, and fire-fighting water are relatively large. To ensure the smooth progress of the construction project, a detailed temporary water supply plan has been prepared. Temporary water supply facilities shall meet the requirements of water for construction, construction personnel and on-site fire fighting.

8. Electricity consumption of construction enterprises: According to the development requirements of on-site power supply for construction personnel of smart glass greenhouses, in order to ensure reasonable on-site power consumption of construction projects and prevent electric shock accidents, a temporary power supply design plan for the project is specially formulated.