Application advantages of chemical control varieties in smart glass greenhouse

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Application advantages of chemical control varieties in smart glass greenhouse

The reason why smart glass greenhouses can be called smart is that they can handle situations that are generally out of manual control. When the growth of vegetables is not suitable for good growth in the greenhouse soil, the smart greenhouse will play a role. At this time, the main technology is the chemical control cultivation technology, which is one of the core functions of the smart greenhouse, and plants can be used Growth regulators can flexibly regulate the healthy growth and good development of vegetables in greenhouses, so that the growth of vegetables will develop in a direction that is conducive to people’s expectations.

Intelligent greenhouse chemical control cultivation technology has huge advantages, and it is very necessary to protect the growth of vegetables. Let’s understand together below

First, the intelligent glass greenhouse chemical control cultivation technology can prevent the overgrowth of vegetables and other plants in the greenhouse. Generally speaking, vegetables are grown in greenhouses during the summer high temperature period. Because of the high internal temperature and the small temperature difference between day and night, vegetables in the seedling period and the early fruiting period are relatively prone to overgrowth, resulting in less fruit. The plants are very vigorous. Due to the limitation of the cultivation environment, the traditional greenhouse cultivation management measures are difficult to effectively control the lengthy plant growth. After this happens, the smart greenhouse can detect it and spray plant growth inhibitors or water it into the ground to control the growth of plants.

Second, the cultivation technology of intelligent glass greenhouse can promote the growth of vegetables. Vegetables are planted in the low temperature period of autumn and winter. Due to the relatively low temperature in the greenhouse and insufficient light, the vegetables are easy to grow slowly and severely stiff fruits. In this season, the vegetables will also suffer from fertilizer damage and phytotoxicity. Relying solely on manpower to solve problems that are difficult to effectively control issuance, intelligent greenhouse cultivation technology can often achieve better results. It can detect problems and spray growth promoters to stimulate the growth and development of vegetables, so as to improve the growth of vegetables. Back to normal.