Lanzhou New District Smart Greenhouse Park

Lanzhou New District Smart Greenhouse Park

The Lanzhou New District Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park is based on the production of green and organic high-end vegetables, fruits, and flowers. The products have been submitted to the certification body and the Green Food Office to further complete the ISO9001 product quality system certification and green trademark approval. The greenhouse intelligent control system has been piloted in the double-film greenhouse. The next step will be through the "Lanzhou New District Characteristic Agricultural Products Base Construction Project" to further improve the intelligence and automation level of the entire park through the Internet of Things technology, saving labor productivity on the one hand On the other hand, it can improve the level of product quality traceability and improve the quality inspection and control system of agricultural products.

Construction time: 2018-2020

Project area: 360,000 square meters

Planting species: Flowers

Covering material: Fragrant pear tempered glass