• A glass greenhouse refers to a greenhouse with glass as a covering material, which can be an all-glass greenhouse, or a ···
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  • Reliable logistics guarantee:Our company has rich experiences in glass export and maintains stable cooperative relations···
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  • Yuhua is a professional manufacturer in horticultural greenhouse diffuse glass suppliers R&D in China, specializes i···
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  • ContinentCountryProject NameYearAreaCropsGlass TypeASIAChinaEvergrande Wuhan201934 haTomato, Cucumber, LettuceDiffused g···
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  • In vegetable production, a rule of thumb states that 1% more light equals 1% more potential production. The greenhouse c···
    2021-01-12 15:26:32
  • Every greenhouse agricultural product grower wants to get the maximum yield, which is affected by the region, environmen···
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  • The production of agricultural products in glass greenhouses in the Netherlands has increased significantlyUnder optimal···
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  • It is an obvious trend that more and more new glasshouse projects are choosing diffuse glass instead of float glass. By ···
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  • Experienced growers are familiar with the term “haze”. In horticulture, it is a term,” haze meter” (“haze”), to de···
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  • The anti-reflective (AR) coating can reduce sunlight reflection and let more light come through the greenhouse, which wi···
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